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KDataScience is a Data Management, Reporting, Automations and Analytics company. We offer advance Data Management (Acquiring, Validating, Storing and Processing), Reporting (Tableau BI reporting, Power BI reporting, SSRS reporting), MS Excel & MS Access Reporting, RPA (UIPath) and Analytics (Predictive and Prescriptive) Services and solutions.... Read More

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What is Power BI | How Power BI is helping Organisations

Power BI Meets these requirements for any Enterprise very effectively. Power BI’s journey started in 2011 and just a couple of years, Power BI surpassed landmarks of the 5 million users. Since then Power BI continues to provide its users relevant and meaningful answers for questions which business leaders have, that too without even asking for anyone. Business Leaders can access the Power BI Dashboard...

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What is BI Reporting and how it help businesses

Business intelligence Reporting  (BI Reporting)  is a technology-driven process for analyzing data and presenting actionable information to help, Leadership Team, Top Management team, Senior Executives, Top Managers, and other Corporate users make well-informed business decisions based on solid data and visible patterns. It is used to identify, discover and analyze your data get information related to your business like sales, revenue, costs, expenditure....

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