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KDataScience is a Data Management, Reporting, Automations and Analytics company. We offer advance Data Management (Acquiring, Validating, Storing and Processing), Reporting (Tableau BI reporting, Power BI reporting, SSRS reporting), MS Excel & MS Access Reporting, RPA (UIPath) and Analytics (Predictive and Prescriptive) Services and solutions.... Read More

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ms excel and automation

MS Excel & Access Automation

VBA for Excel programming allows us completely on the select excel file can be used by user. It could be simple validations as whether user is allowed to enter information or not in a certain field or could be complex one line like allow only Capital Letters with any special character etc or much complicated combination of validations, colour, auto populated data and many more other controls.

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Business Intelligence Reporting

Business Intelligence Reporting has played a significant part in bringing about changes in the business itself. With increased complexity in Business Environments, access to easier and faster access to critical business information can make or break a case. It contributes towards tracking, analysing and presenting information related to the business performance in a manner which makes it easy to understand and help make decisions. KDataScience has been prominent in providing the best BI reporting solution.

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Business Intelligence Reporting | Business Intelligence Reporting Services
Robotic Process Automation (RPA) | UiPath | Blue Prism

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic process automation is no more about the regular process and a trend, but something that has evolved through the years for the benefit of humans. Most of the organizations today are widely using robotic process automation for their own benefit. It has helped in focusing on the optimization process cost-effectively.

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Custom Web Development

KDataScience Custom Software Development services fulfils your unique Systems and Application requirements to support for your unique business environment. For each of our project, our expert team engages with client to understand their requirement, suggests an appropriate solution before it gets into development cycle. Other than custom application development from scratch, we also take care of your existing application enhancements and maintenance requirements.

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Custom Software Development